Robert Picardo joins “Star Trek: Prodigy” Season 2

“Recruited by Kate Mulgrew’s Kathryn Janeway, with whom he served alongside during Voyager, it appears as though Robert Picardo’s beloved character will be a staple in the new season of Star Trek: Prodigy. Uncertain of yet another hologram, the crew isn’t sure what to make of The Doctor but will undoubtedly learn to lean on him for wisdom the same way that the former Janeway did all those years and missions ago.”

The Shuttlepod Show

The Shuttlepod Show” is a long-form interview streaming series hosted by “Star Trek: Enterprise” actors Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating with host Erica LaRose that highlights the production designers who shaped the look of “Star Trek”.

2023 & 2024 Solar Eclipses Maps & Data

On October 14, 2023, an annular solar eclipse will cross North, Central, and South America creating a path of annularity. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth while at its farthest point from Earth. Because the Moon is farther away from Earth, it does not completely block the Sun. This will create a “ring of fire” effect in the sky for those standing in the path of annularity.

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cross North and Central America creating a path of totality. During a total solar eclipse, the Moon completely blocks the Sun while it passes between the Sun and Earth. The sky will darken as if it were dawn or dusk and those standing in the path of totality may see the Sun’s outer atmosphere (the corona) if weather permits.

Link for October, 2023 and April, 2024 Solar Eclipses Maps and Data

Star Trek: The Animated Celebration

As part of the 50th anniversary salute to “Star Trek: The Animated Series”, five all-new animated shorts, “Star Trek: very Short Treks”, and a new comic book, “Star Trek: The Animated Celebration Presents The Scheimer Barrier”, debuted on Star Trek Day, Friday, September 8.

“Star Trek: very Short Treks” feature characters voiced by cast members including George Takei as Sulu, Jonathan Frakes as Will Riker, Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher, Armin Shimmerman as Quark, Connor Trinneer as Trip Tucker, Doug Jones as Saru, Ethan Peck as Spock, Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura, Bruce Horak as Hemmer, and Noël Wells as Tendi.

“Star Trek: very Short Treks” can be viewed on the Official Star Trek YouTube Channel

Read more about the celebration at

Amazon Freevee Adding Stargate Channel & More

According to Gateworld, “Amazon has announced that it will launch 12 MGM-specific channels to Freevee over the coming months, including a 24/7 science fiction channel and an all-Stargate channel. 11 channels of content from Warner Bros. Discovery will also be added to the service, which currently has more than 280 channels of free content.”