Yoji Kondo Passing

It is with Sadness that we share the passing of a dear friend and integral part of ShoreLeave and Farpoint’s science programming, Mr. Yoji Kondo.

Yoji Kondo held a Ph.D. in astrophysics from the University of
Pennsylvania, headed the astrophysics laboratory at the Johnson Space Center during the Apollo and Skylab Missions, and was the NASA director of a geosynchronous satellite observatory for 15 years, among other roles. He also served as President of the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU’s) Commission on “Astronomy from Space”, as well as
President of the IAU Commission on “Close Binary Stars” and the IAU Division on “Variable Stars”. In addition to numerous professional titles, he also published several science fiction books including a Star Trek novel. His avocation was Judo (6th degree black-belt) and Aikido (7th degree black belt), and he was teaching the martial arts for a few decades.


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2017 Officers

We would like to congratulate our Club Officers for 2017:

  • President: Debbie Priester
  • Vice President: Kathy Scrimger
  • Secretary: Debbie DeCaro
  • Treasurer: Melissa James

Logo Contest Results

We’re pleased to reveal the winners of the logo contest we announced back in December. We’ve already begun rolling out the new artwork and you should expect to see more of it in the days ahead.

Logos for the Star Trek Association of Towson (left) and Shore Leave (right).

Congratulations to STAT member Inge Heyer on creating the winning logo for the Star Trek Association of Towson (above left).

Congratulations also to long-time Shore Leave attendee and Shore Leave 38 Program Book artist Todd Brugmans on creatin gthe winning logo for the Shore Leave convention (above right).