WHAT IS STAT? The STAT Club of Maryland, Inc. was formed in 2021 as a replacement for the original corporation, the Star Trek Association of Towson, Inc. This is where the acronym STAT comes from.

HISTORY: STAT was founded in 1978 by approximately ten people who shared a common interest in Star Trek. A year later, they held their first Shore Leave Convention, which attracted even more Star Trek enthusiasts to the group, causing the club to grow.

As time went on, the interests of the club expanded not only to include the promotion of Star Trek, but also of other areas of science fiction and science fact. In 2020, STAT had approximately forty-five active members, residing primarily in the Baltimore- Washington DC corridor, but also had associate members in other parts of the East Coast, which, for either distance or time reasons, could not be an active member.  Currently the membership includes about 1500 people.

Past club activities have included costumed visits to local hospital pediatric units, visits to local libraries and schools to promote literacy, and participation in the Towson Fourth of July Parade. The major activity was holding the annual Shore Leave Convention each year.   The convention is now called The Annual Membership Meeting/Shore Leave.

The organization’s charitable projects include an annual Blood Drive for the Red Cross, Food Drives for the Maryland Food Bank, as well as the Marine’s Toys for Tots. STAT Club itself has become an example of IDIC in action — Infinitely Diverse people Infinitely Combined by their love of Star Trek, science, and science fiction.

Our membership is composed of many individuals practicing varied professions and careers, including, among others, school teachers, social and political scientists, astronomers, biologists, chemists, ecologists, psychologists, nurses, paramedics, public safety and law enforcement representatives, computer experts, writers, artists, secretaries, and clerical personnel, and representatives of business and management. The individual STAT Club members participating in our charitable projects and Annual Membership Meeting/Shore Leave Convention serve as all-volunteer staff; no individual STAT Club member receives any financial benefit from any STAT Club/Annual Membership Meeting/Shore Leave activity.

In 2021, the club reorganized as a 501(c)7 Maryland corporation. This allowed the club to include more members as a social organization instead of a business. The members always felt more like a family than a company.

STAT Club of Maryland, Inc. By-Laws

STAT Club of Maryland, Inc. Constitution

The 2023 Board of Directors members are: Debbie Priester (President), Ken McIntosh (Vice President), Debbie DeCaro (Secretary), Melissa James (Treasurer), James Friedline (Sr. Director), William Becker, Cathy Dougherty, Marilyn Mann and Chris Schildt.